Wet Wall

Wet walls can form for a variety of causes, including a lack of sufficient damp proofing during construction or remodeling, as well as other issues. A moist wall indicates that something is amiss with your house and that there could be a serious leak someplace.

When there is moisture in the wall, condensation forms, which leads to the growth of mould. It’s something you shouldn’t overlook. To limit the harm to your property, quick action is required.

Moisture can also transport minerals and salts into a wall, causing damage to the internal surface. These minerals can cause the plaster to peel away or the paint to peel away from the wall.

Wet walls can take the appearance of physical condensation or even areas where the paint or wallpaper has begun to peel. Wet walls can also cause plasterwork to crumble or bubbles to appear on the surface of your wall.

If damp walls are the result of a leaking pipe, you’ll want to get it fixed as soon as possible, because a persistent leak can lead to higher water bills and even more extensive damage to your property, which is more difficult and expensive to repair.

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